The Saturday Supper Clubs

Seattle Met: "Next Hot Chef"

Seattle Magazine: Tomorrow's Tastemakers

Poached Mussels in Nettle Broth

Burning Beast 2013 with Il Corvo

Two Salads with Smoked Salmon

Cauliflower Soup 

Back in NYC...


In New York, the Taste of Victory
The New York Times reports on cooking competitions in Brooklyn.

A Mixologist’s Shake, And What Goes Into It
On the science behind shaking a cocktail, through the lense of 34 short shaking videos from top NYC mixologists.

Spring Medicinal Cocktails
An investigation of the medicinal cocktails and talented team at Apotheke, a cocktail den in Chinatown.

In Cocktails, Beer Goes a Long Way
Exploring the recent trend of pairing beer and spirits in cocktails, including six recipes.

The Vermouth Also Rises
An exploration of house- made vermouth for bar professionals, including three vermouth recipes, two cocktail
recipes, vermouth-making tips, and an interview.

Grant Achatz: A Creative Mind, In Search of Excellence
A chef feature on Chef Grant Achatz, including a biography and seminal interview.

The Art and Economics of Charcuterie Series

A 4-part series focusing on chefs and their in-house charcuterie programs across the country, including chefs
from Las Vegas, Seattle, and Sonoma. Nominated at the James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards.

Uni: The Taste of the Sea, On the Plate
Ingredient feature on sea urchin.

A Low n’ Slow American Summer
BBQ tips for food professionals from 4 top pitmasters.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish…Green Fish
An attempt to demystify the sourcing of sustainable seafood for restaurants.

Technique: Hand-Sculpted Ice Cubes
A Japanese Tribeca bartender demonstrates how to carve ice cubes into jewels and spheres.

Uni and Squid Ball with Quail Egg
Sushi chef and sea urchin master Sotohiro Kosugi demonstrates an amazing uni dish.